Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cardboard Gods

Want to read about baseball cards in a way you never knew possible? Try Cardboard Gods. This is simply the most amazing blog I have ever read. I don't know anything about the author, Josh Wilker, other than we seem to be almost the same age and like baseball cards. This blog is a book waiting to be published. I just read his post on Dave Kingman and Freddie Patek and ended with tears in my eyes. Freddie Patek was everyone's favorite shortstop if you were a Royals fan in the 1970's. But to draw the contrast between him and Dave Kingman enlarges the subject far beyond just baseball to the universal experience of the underdog versus the proverbial schoolyard bully. Though I haven't really thought about Freddie Patek in 20 years, today I am saddened he never had the chance to play in the World Series. God Bless Freddie Patek.

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