Monday, 16 May 2011

I'm Back and Recharged.

Had a bit of a baseball card break there (yes, two years is still "a bit" considering that last time it was for more than a decade.)

Spur of the moment, bought a few packs of the 2011 Topps and my interest was rekindled. I really like the 2011 Topps - and the 60 Years of Topps Inserts. The "original back" versions will be the death of me - those are really awesome.

I just had the 2010 Topps set dropped off by the mailman. I hadn't even seen the cards since last year I was really out of baseball altogether. My first impression was "What happened??" I think the design is terrible. The colored "swoop" on the left of the cards makes the picture look as if someone had their thumb partially over the camera lens, just like a lot of my pictures. The foil print is very hard to read, and the backs of the cards are B-O-R-I-N-G.

I'm going to do a full review here as soon as I finish looking at all of the cards, but there is already a contender for worst card of the set... Stay tuned.

Back to a more positive note. Did I mention that I love the 2011 set? I like the diamond parallels, I like the Kimball Champions (though I am not sure why there is a checklist on the back of every single one - that was the best idea they had?). I don't know if my wallet will withstand my enthusiasm, but I just gotta finish this one and the Sixty Years of Topps with the original backs. (I already broke down and finished the Series One base set - thank you eBay!)

Well, that's all for now - if anyone is still around from 2 years ago, drop in and say "hi" and I'll try to reciprocate. That is all.