Saturday, 7 March 2009

Trading Baseball Cards on the Internet

When I started this blog just a short while ago, I had no idea people traded baseball cards on the Internet. I put a few "Want Lists" up on the site, but figured it would be mostly for me to keep track of my collection. Then Ben, from 1988 Score sent a few cards to me out of the blue and helped finish a couple of sets! Thanks again, Ben. This blog has enabled me to meet many great people with the same interests and are all happy to help out a fellow baseball card nut. So far I've completed trades with 1988 Score, Baseball Cards Come to Life, Night Owl Cards, Shane, a reader from Massachusetts, and James, a reader from Maryland. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to actually mail baseball cards to me. I want to especially thanks James from Maryland. He just sent me 167 cards I was missing from my 1980 Topps set. Wow, I just got them in the mail yesterday. These cards are awesome! I'm down to just missing 203 cards, so James almost cut the list in half all by himself. Picture below are the James' cards just after I opened the package...

In addition to this blog, it turns out there are other ways to trade baseball cards over the internet. Websites like Sports Card Forum, where I have traded about 10 times under the name "brettforpresident", allow members to arrange trades with other members in a suprisingly organized fashion. Worked really well with the current 2009 Topps set, though not too sure if it would be as easy to find traders for my older sets.

So what all of this has made me realize is I've got to not only organize my sets, but start compiling a list of all my doubles so I can do a better job of helping out some collectors myself. For the years that I just bought the factory set, I probably don't have a lot of doubles, but many years I have stacks of lonely doubles that would probably love a new home. I guess this project isn't over quite yet...

One last thing, when I made the want lists, I just used a copy of my checklist and made the missing cards stand out in bold. Looks very pretty, but may not be as useful as just a written list. I'll be working on a master list written out the traditional way with both the wants and trade bait included.

Anyways, thanks again!


  1. I'd like to recommend another site for you... "The Bench." We just celebrated six years of trading, and we have a pretty large volume of traders, both old and new!

  2. What years did you buy the factory set? I did this from 1978-1986, minus the 1983 set which I just bought at a store (in Dayton, Ohio for the record - great store) a year ago.

    1977 was the last year I put a set together on my own via packs and trading. As a result I've got a ton of doubles from that year. And some quintuples!

  3. Chris:

    Thanks for the link to the bench web site.I'm always looking to trade for baseball and glad to receive all want lists at Been collecting for thirty plus years.

    The Yankees-Twins playoff games should be great.