Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Topps Checklists

Interesting to note that there is no place on the internet one place on the internet that I am aware of that has all of the Topps checklists. In fact, just finding one usable checklist is extremely hard. I am slowly compiling on my blog what I have found so far, but if anyone has a file with any of the Topps checklists 1988-2006, (done!) that would be extremely helpful. You can email me at toppsbaseball at My goal is have all of the base set checklists under one roof. We will see how easy that turns out to be. Amazing that it hasn't already been done somewhere. I will also go on record that the website is more than a bit useless when it comes to checklists. You would think the site might be a bit more useful friendly and navigable, but what do I know...

Here is what I have so far:

2008 Topps Checklist
2007 Topps Checklist
2006 Topps Checklist
1985 Topps Checklist
1984 Topps Checklist
1983 Topps Checklist
1982 Topps Checklist
1981 Topps Checklist
1980 Topps Checklist
1979 Topps Checklist
1978 Topps Checklist
1977 Topps Checklist
1976 Topps Checklist
1975 Topps Checklist

Also, just found a few emails from a few people wandering by my new blog. Thanks for the support so far. I've added a couple of links to their blogs

Wait 'Til Next Year


1988 Score

Now back to sorting...

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