Monday, 12 January 2009


So I went out and bought 10 card binders and a few boxes of 9 pocket pages. The 1988 Topps set is done, the 1994 Topps is done. Tonight I can report the 1983 set (minus Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, and the Red Sox Team Leader card featuring Jim Rice) is sorted and put into pages... Stay tuned for photos and my highly influential opinion of this set.

Just to tie you over till I get back, here is a pic of my favorite card from the set so far..


One thing I like about the 1983 set is every card is an action shot - no more so than in this card of Ozzie Smith. Love the gold jewelry - gives the sense of motion better than most other cards...


  1. Glad to see another Topps Blog!! I am putting together my own personal "1970's 726", "1980's 792" and "1990's 792" sets. I would love to trade as I have a number of Topps cards from 1970–present including some of your 1979 and 1980s.

    Shoot me an email, I let's see if we can fill some lists.


  2. DTAS-

    I have your 83 Rice, Sox team card. As a huge Rice fan, I also have an 83 signed Rice. Drop me a line, would love to trade as I know I need some 83 Topps for my 80's 792 set.

  3. Thanks Shane! I will try to drop you a line in a couple of days - I may not have a lot of 1983 doubles - I have found a ton of '81 and '82's though... (minus Jim Rice, though of course)

  4. Great, although it's not just 83's I need . . . I have built a collection similar to this one from here . . .

    I am working on a similar set for the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's.